Paintingclass with Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van gogh was a master in using colors. He apllied bright colors next to each other on the canvas and well-defined characters, different than the impressionist did. He painted the feeling and the emotion of what he experienced in life.


The painting class with Van Gogh will learn you:

- to paint with  lot of color and keep it visible

- to put colors next to each other on the canvas

- strengthen and clarify the colors

- increase the expression

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Amsterdam | a private class

If you  travel to the Netherlands, you can visit the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam.

There will be paintingclasses for visitors of the Pulitzer hotel. Visit the website of the Pulitzer hotel Amsterdam.


Amersfoort | a group class

You can paint a whole day with the inspiration of Van Gogh.


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'Starry night' 



'12 sunflowers in a vase'













'De zaaier', november, 1888

Foto: Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam (Vincent Van Gogh Stichting)


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